May 26, 2009

Cracked (Illustration Friday)

The naughty cat pretends to be innocent, but he is not clever enough? Using soft colours and textures are my favourite, 
but I always struggle with scanning. Today, I made image less contrast by photoshop. I hope it works.


babalisme said...

It works, nothing's wrong with your scanning! :D I love the color palette as always, better, I love the expressions on this one.

jazzlamb said...

Haha. Naughty kitty!
As babalisme said it, love the colors!

Ria said...

I love the effect! The scanning is fine!:) Have a nice day!

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you very much! I have always thought the original work was much better in terms of colour, but I will try more :)