May 14, 2009

Dream of my childhood

This is my new work which I'm going to submit to Cheltenham 
Illustration Awards. Theme is "True Stories", so I decided to draw
my childhood memories. When I was a child, my imagination was 
really active and  I could see a dream world in my actual life. 
I often visited my grandparents house in country side and I
enjoyed nature walk on my own. It was my treasure moment.


Paul Shinn said...

This is beautiful Kazu! I love the colours and the composition!! Good luck with the competition (but I hope I win! hehehe. Just kidding!)

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Paul, but I'm not happy after I changed the image to jpg and after I uploaded to website because the colours are very different from original.. Maybe I need to get used to use computer :(

Joe Beale said...

This is very lovely. I think your style is original enough (see your own comment above), if this is your style then you should be happy with it. Don't try and make your style something it isn't, darker for instance, if it's not you. Good stuff, Kazu! Ok this is more relevant to your comment above!