Oct 27, 2009


Finally I did my etching prints last week. I made this plate long time ago in my university, but I missed the chance to print. This is the steel plate I used for the first time. A steel plate has really rough surface and it is very different from zinc plate. I couldn't control the time to etch, and maybe this plate is slightly over etched. But I found it is interesting after I put some shadow.


Paul Shinn said...

Wow! I really like this! The colours are great - very atmospheric - and the shadows give a nice sense of perspective. I also enjoy the fact that at first glance it seems quite a simple image, but then I keep noticing more and more little creatures hiding in the forest - I love the two birds up in the tree!

I'm glad that you've found somewhere new to do your etchings. Hope to see more in the future! :-)

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Paul. I'm glad to go back to the studio!
Maybe I will try lino as well. I really like the texture of printmaking!

tanja said...

Hi Kazuko
Love your work - it's delicate and charming. Your prints seem full of magic and hints fairytale themes - they really suit your style. This one would make a great animation!

Kazuko Morishita said...

Hello Tanja,
Thank you for your comments!
I like your work too. very delicate and poetic ;)

natasha said...

Really cute!