Aug 14, 2012

Adjective Card!

45 adjective cards for the language teachers were completed and printed. They look so good and I am very pleased. Now we are going to make them as educational products and eventually we hope many teachers will buy them!

今年の春から取りかかっていた「形容詞カード」が完成致しました。2人の日本語教師の方々の依頼で始まったプロジェクト。これからパッケージなどを作って、秋頃から販売予定です。 出来上がりを見るだけで幸せ気分。多くの先生達が購入して下さるといいな、と思っています。


Agustin said...

I like them. I always remember the illustrations on my language books. And my Japanese class ones are no exception. Good work!

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Agustin :)

Tanja said...

Congratulations - they look great! I also always remember the illustrations from my language books, in fact I still remember 'nashi' and 'suika' pretty clearly! He he. I'm sure these funny and clear illustrations will bring an inner smile to many a salaryman.

Kazuko Morishita said...

Hello Tanja!
"Nashi" and "Suika" !! These are my favourite summer fruits..mmmm. I hope many students would enjoy learning Japanese with it as well as teachers would enjoy teaching :)