Sep 26, 2012

Workshop report 2

On the 15th of Sep, we had the 2nd work shop for children. 4 children joined the workshop "Making your own bag". Two girls and a boy were 9 years old and a 4 year-old boy.

9月15日のMy バッグを作ろう!ワークショップには、4人のお子さんが参加してくれました。2人の女の子と1人の男の子の3人は9歳、そしてもう1人は4歳の男の子です。

If the children were young, they just draw on the fabric directly, but if children are around 9 years old, they were thinking very carefully..  A 4-year-old boy started drawing many dot on the bag. It was really fun to watch! On the other hand, 9-year-olds were more serious.. "I don't know what to draw!". So they started drawing on the paper and made plan what to draw.

小さいお子さんは、割と悩まずに勢いよくバッグにお絵描きを始めるのですが、9歳ぐらいになるともうちょっと慎重になります。4歳の男の子は、すぐに本番開始。色とりどりの点々をバッグに描き始めました!見ていて本当に楽しくなるくらいの思い切りの良さ。一方 9歳の3人は真剣に悩み始めます。「何を描いていいか解らない・・」というわけで、 最初は紙に絵を描いて、プランを練ります。

Rainbow!   虹を描こう!

Fruits basket? 沢山のフルーツがいいな。

Mushroom brothers! なめこ兄弟!

Finally other 3 children started drawing on the fabric bag. 2 girls decoration with fabric as well. 4-years-old Shun, started drawing on the other side! 


They spend more than 3 hours in total! They had some breaks, but they concentrate on it very well! Look at their fantastic work..!


Ok, let's have a look at their final work! さて、出来上がりです。

 This is one of the girl's work. This is one side and... 
The other side is like this! もう一つの面はこんな感じです。素敵ですね〜!

 This is one of the other girl's work. これは参加してくれたもう一人の女の子の作品。
The other side is like this..! Very cute!もう一つの面はこんな感じです。かわいい!

 This is 9-year-old boy's work. His favourite animation characters Mushroom brothers!  そしてこれは9歳の男の子の作品。大好きなキャラクターなめこ兄弟の絵です!
Fantastic work. It looks really fun! 力作ですね。楽しい絵が描けました!

4-year-old boy started sleeping in the end. But his colourful dot bag was really pretty. Everyone's bag is really pretty. Well done all!!


My mother supported me a lot during the workshop. Thank you very much mother!

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