Dec 9, 2009

Small production for christmas

These are my christmas cards!
My small room become a small printing factory.
I really enjoy lino-cut and its textures. This is only single layer,
but I'd like to try multi-layers in future.


JaneAlexandra said...

I love them! Here is a link to an American-Japanese artist who also does linocut illustrations:

Have a happy Christmas!

Kazuko Morishita said...

THank you Jane.
I checked her website and it inspired me a lot!
Happy Christmas to you too ;) xx

tanja said...

those are brilliant - well done for getting them out there. I love that the figures are so close to the picture plane, as if you could reach into the card and touch them. lovely patterns too. merry christmas - hope you have fun!

Paul Shinn said...

Amazing!! Great photos too. It's like an army of Santas and reindeers and kings is coming to destroy us...or something! hehe

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Tanja and Paul :) :)
I printed one by one by rubbing with spoon head, then paint, put glitters... very slow process so I was really happy to see all of them like this!

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

Hello, found you through my friend Joe Beale! :))

i adore your previous post "Forest", love those trees and the deer!
beautiful! :))

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, ratu!
I visited your blog as well. I really like your style.
It is dreamy and poetry. very beautiful ;)