Sep 5, 2012

Solo exhibition will start tomorrow! (明日から個展開始です)

My solo exhibition will start tomorrow! (6th) I went to the gallery to set up my woks.

My brother, niece and mother helped me! I really appreciate my family. The owner of this gallry, Rin-chan showed some musical instruments to my niece. I think she didn't get bored during setting up.

 こちらはポストカード。16種類あります。My postcards.. 16 different designs!
It will open from 1pm to 7pm everyday until 16th of September at gallery okarina B.


Tanja said...

Kazuko, congratulations! The exhibition looks charming, so full of sweet details and your brilliant characters. I can see you are having fun out there, enjoy and keep posting, it's great to read your adventures with this exhibition.

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Tanja. It was really good experience and I had a great fun especially meeting people there. I need to update the rest of my exhibition diary!