Sep 6, 2012

Solo exhibition in Tokyo DAY 1 個展初日

This is the entrance of gallery okarina B. Visitors was surprised that the gallery was very close to the station than they expected!

Before this gallery, you can find the Monjya restaurant. The local area has really good atmosphere.

I serve various teas for you! All teas are from UK. It seems very difficult to choose.
Many people get the Tsunami orphanage fund badge. I couldn't sell much in London, but many people are interested in and get them in Japan. 100% profit here will donate the fund for the orphans who lost their parents by the tsunami last year.

Please pop in any time! I will stay in the gallery during it is opening. Let's chat with tea and biscuits!


Joe Beale said...

This all looks like a very nice exhibition, Kazu!

Kazuko Morishita said...

Thank you Joe. I am back to London now and I feel it was a dream..